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KMs Surveyed

Identified 15000+ AG Leaks

Why Josler ?

Innovative Services and Solutions
For Natural Gas Leak Detection

  • OEM Trained Skilled Manpower

  • Leak identification Capability
    as low as 1 PPM

  • Identified 3500+ UG Leaks

  • Can Detect Leak from a
    distance of 30 Meters

Surveyed 10000+ Kms

Josler is carrying out Gas Leak detection in strict adherence to norms and procedures stipulated in the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME B 31.8.2016) as prescribed by PNGRB.

Remote Methane Leak Detection - Complete Solution (RMLD - CS)

It uses field-proven TDLAS (tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy) technology and makes it possible to detect leaks (up to 100 feet) without having to travel the full length of the pipeline, thus creating safer surveys in areas that may be difficult to reach. The instrument encompasses features like coloured display, internal data logging, phone App support, GPS etc.

Detecto Pak - Infrared  (DPIR)

The high sensitivity and fast response of the instrument makes the survey productive and safe. It has the capability of picking up leaks less than 5 ppm without false alarming on other gases. The users can connect to DPIR+ to capture the survey data via Bluetooth.

Ethane Identifier (EI)

This instrument is used in the field to determine if the methane emanating is from the utility pipe or the natural source.

Gas Leak


CGD is an acronym for City Gas Distribution and is a way to cover areas in cities and districts across the country to receive and supply gas to households and Industry.

Gas Leak detection is necessary for reasons related to Public Safety,  Clean environment, and financial savings to the Gas companies. Also, it is mandated by PNGRB regulation vide notification dated 27 Aug 2008.

Our clients include GAIL Gas, IGL, MNGL, and Charotar Gas.


We have created a dashboard to collate the complete Real-Time survey data from all the survey sites. This enables the Client to monitor the ongoing survey results online and initiate commensurate actions contingent upon the severity of the leak detected.

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